How does it work?

World Class Biotechnology - The solution is made up of millions of little enzymes, which are activated when you add cold water to the concentrate formula. These little helpers are hard on germs, and dirt, but kind on the surfaces it cleans. After the initial clean, it leaves a biofilm that keeps on cleaning the surface while you put your feet up! Many of our products are also PH Neutral, which means they are perfect for use on all paint types and non damaging to other delicate surfaces in the interior such as marble. (Talking about delicate surfaces, our products are also perfect for those with who suffer with sensitive skin and allergies.)
Our whole range has been designed with a crew mindset, covering every department. Enabling you to order all of your essential cleaning products from one place. Our commercial products are all self measuring. Our 1Ltr BioFlasks have a built in anti spill system which protects the clumsiest of people from spillage, this also eradicates excess use of products and waste! Protecting you, the Planet and your pennies! 


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