Our Story

Clean up the industry, it’s a choice. Washdown ethically.

My passion stems from my career on superyachts, where I constantly questioned why so many of the market's current brands are washing away the welfare of their users and the planet on a daily basis. They contain unnecessary ingredients which are both harmful to the environment and ourselves. I was astonished to find the majority of these products boast side effects, such as respiratory issues, and internal organ damage when used daily. Take a look at your SDS/MSDS documents for your current boat soap and other most used products on board.

The sad truth is that during my time on deck, we all had many discussions about the health implications of these products, which is why all of our products are made with the crew in mind. However, at that time there was no other choice, as plant based products simply didn't work there weren’t credible alternatives.

Our products are revolutionary for the industry. The solution is a probiotic BioTech formula that is pollutant free, harmless to aquatic life, VOC free and vegan. This solution kicks all of the other products out of the water.

You may have also noticed that all of our products come in a concentrated form. Not only is this more cost effective for you, it considerably reduces the amount of waste and plastic use. Did you know that water comprises 90% of the volume, inside a standard ready to use cleaning agent? This creates the illusion of value, at the expense of waste. Every drop of that water has to be packaged, distributed, merchandised and transported. Most of our concentrated 1ltr BioFlasks provide over 50, 750ml trigger bottles. That's 50+ bottles you have saved just from buying one of our products. After all, the ocean makes up 71% of the earth surface. It's a simple choice to protect it!

With love from the founder,


Our Founder, Leah.


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