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Chemical pollution is the number three largest contributor to ocean suffocation. We only have one ocean and it provides over 50% of the world's oxygen. We must protect it.

Leah founded WASHDOWN, inspired by her superyacht career, where she witnessed the harmful effects of conventional cleaning products. Our forward-thinking cleaning solutions, originally crafted for the Superyacht industry, protect both users and the environment without compromising performance or ethics.

Designed for delicate surfaces like marble, our products are trusted on the world's most luxurious superyachts, treating cleaning as an art form with no room for imperfection

Luxury Hotels

WASHDOWN has been created to ‘clean up’ the luxury hospitality industry, through unsurpassable biotechnology-based cleaning products that put the welfare of the user and the ocean first without compromising performance.

At WASHDOWN, we elevate cleaning to an art form, setting the scene for the world's most elite clientele. We're bringing this unparalleled standard to the luxury hospitality market, enhancing operations and customer experiences while safeguarding both users and the planet.

Our products ensure that the air in hotels remains free of harmful toxins, providing a safe and healthy environment for guests, staff, and cleaners alike.

Formula 1

Last year, we entered the automotive market by partnering with the Porsche race team, which successfully utilised our products at the Porsche Cup Race in Monaco 2023. This was a natural fit, as the tight, high-stakes environment of race cars, similar to the superyachts where we started, demands superior cleaning solutions that are safe for confined spaces and high-performance settings.

Our revolutionary hybrid-BioTech formula ensures that your F1 team's cleaning process is both effective and environmentally friendly, protecting both your crew and the planet from harmful pollutants.

By choosing our concentrated products, the F1 industry can significantly reduce plastic waste and overall environmental impact, aligning with the automotive industry’s increasing commitment to sustainability. 


Aviation is a sector that is constantly battling against offsetting CO2 emissions. WASHDOWN’s VOC-free and vegan products protect your crew and passengers while reducing your ecological footprint. 

Our founder's passion for sustainability stems from a career in the industry, where she often questioned why so many cleaning products compromise the well-being of users and the planet. Traditional cleaning agents contain unnecessary ingredients that harm the environment and our health, causing serious side effects.

The WASHDOWN range, however, is powerful yet completely safe for the environment. Our detergents deliver the same quality demanded by the world’s best airlines, providing unparalleled care for aircraft owners.

Together we can put an end to toxic cleaning cycles!

want to know more about vocs?

Did you know that using standard chemical cleaning products on a daily has the same health effects a smoking 20 Cigarettes a day?

As a company deeply invested in the marine industry, we are committed to making sustainable changes that protect both our oceans and those who spend their lives at sea.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in cleaning products pose a significant threat to these two entities we hold dear.  VOCs are harmful chemicals that evaporate at room temperature and can cause serious health issues such as headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and memory impairment. Furthermore, when these compounds find their way into our oceans through runoff or direct disposal, they contribute significantly to water pollution affecting marine life adversely and suffocating out oceans.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), VOCs are among the top five environmental hazards in the world. The World Health Organisation also states that long-term exposure can lead to severe health conditions including liver and kidney damage. We believe it's high time for an urgent shift towards eco-friendly cleaning products within our industry. These alternatives not only safeguard human health but also ensure the longevity of our precious marine ecosystems.

Join us in urging key stakeholders within the marine industry to cease usage of VOC cleaning products immediately. Your signature will send a clear message about our collective responsibility towards preserving oceanic life and ensuring safety for all sea workers. Please sign this petition today!

Thank you for your Pivotel support in breaking toxic cycles.

Together we can change the industry for the better.

With love from Washdown, in partnership with BioSoul xx

Check out the VOC-Free Campaign Video for more information!

Sign the petition above!

Sign the petition above!

How does it work?

Each 1L makes 50 x 500ml Spray bottles, Simply measure the solution in the built in measuring system. Pour into the bottle, add water and off you go!

How does it work?

Each 1L makes 50 x 500ml Spray bottles, Simply measure the solution in the built in measuring system. Pour into the bottle, add water and off you go!

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