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A DECK'S HAND 1L (DECK AND FLOOR CLEANER) - £1.50 a bottle a Spray Bottle

A DECK'S HAND 1L (DECK AND FLOOR CLEANER) - £1.50 a bottle a Spray Bottle

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A Decks Hand 

£75 (£1.50 per a 500ml spray bottle)

Concentrated solution dilutes to make more than 50 x 750ml spray bottles.


Personality: A Deck’s Hand looks after every department, no more slip and slide! Our PH Neutral formula is tough on dirt but gentle on hard floor surfaces, leaving a bio film that keeps on cleaning while you put your feet up!


- All Interior Floors (Including marble)

- Galley floors

- Tender Bays

- Bilges

- Rib Tubes

- Teak (Rinse after)

- Synthetic Teak 

Costs in Use: 

Saving plastic and pennies: Our 1ltr bio flask makes over 50 x 750ml spray bottles. That’s £1.50 a spray bottle and over 50 bottles you have saved from polluting our oceans.

-No Chemicals 

-PH Neutral (won’t damage paint or marble)

-VOC Free

-Non harmful to aquatic life

-Nonharmful to user

-Vegan -Biodegradable

- Self-measuring for no spillage or waste

Top Tips: Work smart, not hard! Simply spray the diluted formula onto the floor surface and mop off, no need to carry around a mop and bucket!, tag us now you have all your friends green with envy.

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