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BODY WASH (BOAT SOAP) - £1.50 a bottle a Spray Bottle

BODY WASH (BOAT SOAP) - £1.50 a bottle a Spray Bottle

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£75 per 5L (70p a Bucket)

A Nourishing PH Neutral boat soap that removes salt and grime with ease, our probiotic Hybrid formula does all of the dirty work for you.

- comes with a pelican pump for precise measurements and no waste.


- All exterior areas (Paint Inc. gel coat - Stainless - Glass -Plastics - Ceramics - Teak - Soft exterior surfaces that attract salt, such as sails and durable cushion covers.)


- No Chemicals
- PH Neutral (non damaging to paint)
- VOC Free
- Non harmful to aquatic life
- Non Harmful to user
- Vegan
- Biodegradable

Top Tips:
Protect yourself, Protect the planet, protect your paint! Tag @getwashdown in your next care-free washdown now all of your hands are (safely) on deck.


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