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SPOTLESS SPRAY (WATER MARK REMOVER) - £1.50 a bottle a Spray Bottle

SPOTLESS SPRAY (WATER MARK REMOVER) - £1.50 a bottle a Spray Bottle

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Spotless Spray 

£75 (£1.50 per a 750ml spray bottle)

Concentrated solution dilutes to make more than 50 x 750ml spray bottles.


‘Stealing the spotlight’ spotless spray goes in on limescale and watermarks so that you don’t have to. Perfect for interior and exterior cleaning. Our hybrid formula loves stainless and ceramics. Simply spray onto the desired area and wipe clean. Giving you the ultimate streak free finish, without the effort.



- Stainless

- Windows/Mirrors

- Ceramics (Including sinks, heads, showers etc.)



-No Harmful Chemicals

-Food Safe

-VOC Free

-Non harmful to aquatic life

-Non Harmful to user


Cost in Use:

Saving plastic and pennies: Our 1ltr bio flask makes upto 40 , 750ml spray bottles. That’s £1.50 a spray bottle and 50 bottles you have saved from polluting our oceans.

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